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Cineparis is an international film festival taking place in Paris reuniting artists, creatives and filmmakers, focusing on discovering new talents and works. A selection of monthly participants and winners are are presented at the live screenings, with a major annual event in Paris. Our jury includes industry professionals from different sectors and companies, including Cineberg Germany, Sony, and more. Among others are: Michele Princigalli: Producer: Julien Sumino: Producer: Diana Parisi: Director.

Each month’s competition winners are announced online, and a selection of those movies is shown live at the event each year.


Cine Paris hill host the next annual event in June, 2023 in a cinema venue in Paris. All details will be published here by March 30


  • Short Documentary, Documentary, Health, Social Issues
  • Short Films, Feature Films, Music, Experimental, Health, Social Issues, Acting


Full list

Of our Jury Here

Next Festival Event in Paris:

June 2023

All details about our new movie venue will be published here by March 30, 2023